Goldsmith Genealogy is a small business specialising in researching family history within the British Isles. This covers the more traditional aspects of genealogical work such as record and certificate finding, house histories, and the transcription and translation of old documents. In addition, services of historical investigation and property histories are also offered to businesses.

Goldsmith Genealogy is distinguished by its personal approach to its clients, arranging face-to-face interviews where possible before the work is commenced. This enables the client to interact with the design of the research project. The research is conducted by professional historian, Jeremy Goldsmith.

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House Histories - If you would like to find out more about the story of your house, who built it and who lived in it before you, why not commission a house history? This will be of interest whether you have recently bought a house, or want to find something different as a house-warming or Christmas present. These are available from £80 upwards. For more information, click here.

For a new approach to family history, have a look at Family Postcards Reunited. This site has a growing collection of postcards containing personal messages - perhaps your ancestor is among them?

Jeremy Goldsmith

Jeremy GoldsmithJeremy Goldsmith is a well-qualified researcher, with a First Class degree in Art History from the Courtauld Institute of Art, and an M.A. in Medieval Studies from King's College, London. He is experienced in genealogical work and has a range of clients on a private and professional basis.

In addition to general work on family history, he specialises in researching Medieval genealogy, British Army Officers, and in palaeography (the deciphering of old handwriting). He is also available for historical consultancy.


A list of articles by Jeremy Goldsmith about art, history, and genealogy which have appeared in print since 2004.


Essays on genealogy to help your own family history research.


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